Use Sachin Tendulkar’s Ideals to Achieve Financial Success


The GOD has retired from cricket but not from the hearts of all his ardent followers. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar through his nearly three years longUse Sachin Tendulkar’s Ideals to Achieve Financial Success decade career journey has left for us many important lessons to learn from his ideals. These lessons are good enough to incorporate in our financial planning & achieve financial success. Let’s use Sachin Tendulkar’s ideals to achieve financial success step by step.

Ability to stay for long

The biggest lesson which all of us admire is Sachin’s ability to stay on the pitch without showing discomfort even during lack of fitness. This is the major reason he is considered a legend in the sports world. Similarly, you should not get persuaded by others and invest in wrong options. You should stay with your best investments for long term and allow it to grow over a period of time. When you indulge in frequent withdrawals it hampers your financial growth.

Ability to follow your plans

Craving for financial fitness is like an ideal to work towards. It’s always good to set your monetary matters in order. You should prepare your financial plan & work to build an emergency fund. Also you should prepare your loan repayment plan & obtain a good CIBIL score. All these steps are fundamental approach towards achieving financial fitness. It helps to increase your wealth & you also don’t have to compromise on your peace of mind. Also you should look to increase your wealth by other ethical means just as how Sachin used to make those extra singles to generate a high score!

Ability to be disciplined

Another quality of Sachin which is extremely important to achieve financial success is “Discipline”. It is Sachin’s discipline that kept him away from any kind of verbal controversies on & off the ground. Also we never saw him landing towards the immoral side of law. Sachin always took corrective steps. Same is with financial matters. It’s important that you follow a disciplined approach to achieve your financial goals. You should review your financials regularly to take corrective measures.

Ask Questions

  • Do I spend too much?
  • Why I was not able to pay my credit card outstanding bill in the previous month?

If you get answers to all such questions, then you can easily think of corrective measures & improve your financial health. You should be disciplined to pay your loans on time. You should prevent from penalties due to delayed payments. Such measures enhance your credit score or CIBIL score over a period of time.

Ability to be diligent at all times

Sachin along with other legendary batsmen always used to play each ball with equal seriousness whether his score was high or low. Similarly, it’s necessary to be diligent while you initiate any kind of monetary transaction. You should stay away from reckless spending especially during festive season. Reckless spending habits will only land you in financial troubles. While swiping your credit card, always ensure that the entire outstanding can be paid without any trouble. Otherwise, your CIBIL score will deteriorate greatly.

Hence, now you know how you can incorporate Sachin’s ideals to achieve financial success. Also we should learn all the good things from him to lead better lives.


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