Top 5 Pension Plans In India


In the haste of busy life, many people forget or tend to neglect to plan their retirement. However, it’s important and saves you from depending on Top 5 Pension Plans In Indiasomeone for financial help when you may need the most!

In this article, I present to you The Top 5 Pension Plans In India.

Top 5 Pension Plans In India | Life Insurance Corporation’s (LIC) Jeevan Nidhi Plan

As per this plan, you’re required to pay the premium for a set term. It can be as long as 20-25 years as per the basic traditional plan. In this you are guaranteed Rs. 50 as an addition for every Rs. 1000 of sum assured. This validates for the 1st 5 years of plan. Beginning from the sixth year, the owner of the pension plan is eligible to retain bonuses announced by the corporation. The general overall returns are less than fixed deposit which is 7%. However, you get full assurance on return.

Top 5 Pension Plans In India | Life Insurance Corporation’s (LIC) Jeevan Akshay VI

This is an instant annuity plan. Initially, you are required to shell out a wholesome amount. Once you’re done, you will receive annual payments according to your premium for your entire life. There are also many other options under this plan.

Top 5 Pension Plans In India | HDFC Life’s Super Plus Pension Plan

This is a ULIP plan. This makes it the first among the various ULIP plans which offers a guaranteed rate of return. As per policy terms & conditions, your 60% of invested amount is invested in equity. The rest is channeled in government securities & debt instruments.

Top 5 Pension Plans In India | Birla Sun Life’s Classic Life Plan

As per this plan you can choose a retirement date & option of investment as per your choice. If a person is feared of risk then he can opt for the 100% debt investment for secured returns otherwise 100% equity investment.

Top 5 Pension Plans In India | Bajaj Allianz Pension Guarantee Plan

This is a good option for regular & steady income after one’s retirement. You can choose from various options like selection of annuity income along with host of other benefits.


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