Invest smartly to secure your health


Today, anticipation of a serious health issue is the major concern of many people. It’s apparent that nobody likes to be affected by illness. However, the striking anxiety is the treatment cost to cure certain disorders. These treatment costs are so high that there are many examples where these medical procedures have broken the back of many middle class Indian families.

Below you can browse through the high treatment costs of certain disorders in private Delhi NCR hospitals-

Disorder Treatment of Cancer (One year) Procedures for Heart disorders Neonatal procedures Injuries & fractures
Treatment cost (in Lakhs) 3+ 5+ 2+ 2+


These costs further worry a person when he grows towards his retirement. This is because healthcare costs are bitter combination of risingInvest smartly to secure your health inflation costs & rising consumption costs

It’s apparent that with passing times, the prices of various commodities also increase. These prices are noted as Wholesale Price Index (WPI) & Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Also the healthcare costs increase with time, which forms an important aspect for a person as he grows older.

Below you can see a table which shows certain household expenses of an Indian middle class family of four people. In this family, the chief wage earner is 35 years old. The table shows how the expenses of the family rise with time at an inflation rate until the chief wage earner turns 60 years of age.

Object of expense Utility cost Cost of food Cost of Healthcare Transport costs Leisure costs Travelling costs
Rate of Inflation 6% 8% 15% -3% 3% 3.7%

Form the above table, it’s clear that that the rate of healthcare expenses are higher than other factors. Therefore, if you don’t have a proper health insurance cover, it can cause a lot of troubles. You can easily control other expenses. However, when it comes to healthcare you cannot control these expenses especially in the case of unanticipated disorders.

Assume that for a person the average monthly costs increase from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1, 00,000 when he turns 60. And healthcare costs form a significant proportion of this amount. However, the person has a sufficient and proper health insurance cover. Hence, his worries are greatly reduced. Therefore, invest smartly to secure your health.

As experts say, it’s important that you get a sufficient and proper health insurance cover which will save you from a lot of troubles.


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